Wednesday, January 28, 2009

100% clarity and then some

Here are a couple sports shots i took last week that i had some fun playing with.
I opened both in camera raw and cranked the clarity up to 100%. I made the other adjustments with the various sliders to get the right exposure, blacks, etc. I read in the current version on photoshop magazine that you can add more clarity when 100% isnt enough by clicking on the adjustment brush in the camera raw tool pallate at the top of the window. A new bunch of sliders will appear to the right of the screen and you just slide the clarity in this new window up to 100%. Then make the brush nice and big and paint over the whole image, or the parts of the image that you want more clarity in. To exit this mode just select another brush at the top of the camera raw plug in and you will see your original sliders again.

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