Tuesday, September 02, 2008

nikon d700

I have been trying to decide whether to upgrade from my d300 to the d700 and finally got a chance today to test one out.
My first thought was that i would not upgrade but keep the 300 and purchase a new lens instead. We all know how much they cost. In looking at the lenses though, the only one i really liked was the 17-55 f2.8. That of course is a dx lens. My thinking is that investing a pile of money in dx would now be a waste with nikon now bringing out an affordable full frame camera. My next body would definately be full frame and the lens would just not do.
So where my head is now is in the 700 and throwing a 28-85 f2.8-3.5 lens on it. The lens is $669 and would get me by until i could find some more money for another lens.
I tested the 700 out and i was definately impressed. Much more than i thought i would be. This shot of the bike, left side is full frame and the right side is a crop of the left. It is at 200asa and shot with the 24-85 lens set at 24.
I tested it out at higher iso's also. 6400 was fairly grainy, no color noise though, but I would feel comfortable shooting at 3200 no problem.

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