Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The title of this post is not really attached to the photo above. I haven't been blogging for almost a month now as i felt a touch burnt out and really needed a break from shooting, photoshop, and the computer in general. My camera has sat in my bag in its little lens coat pouch and i know it is lonely, longing to be held, ok, i will stop before i get started.
Long story short, i had a break and now its over. I want to shoot again, very much so. Every christmas break i go through the same thing. I reflect on the year before, mainly on what i have done photographically, and i look for new inspiration to start the new year. I am always exhausted by the time christmas comes as i try to stay pretty busy at work not to mention trying to shoot some fun stuff in my spare time. So i recharge my batteries and i reflect.
This year i took a bit more time than usual and to try to reenergize my mojo i looked at a lot of photo web sites, many magazines, and bought a new book on hdr shooting by stuck in customs Trey. I then lost the book and it is being shipped back to me as i write, but thats another story. I still haven't shot much yet, mabey a thousand frames or so but i am due very soon.
I had planned to write much more on this subject but it is one in the morning and i have been home for a total of about 15 minutes today.
About the photo above. I really did not have anything on my hard drive except a wedding i shot on new years eve. I really liked this shot for some reason. The little guy on the left looked up and the camera focus was tack sharp on him and nothing else. I shot ambient light with a 80 - 200 lens at 2.8. This church has windows lining both sides and it was cloudy. Perfect setting for great ambient shots.
Mabey he was looking for some inspiration too.

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