Saturday, January 23, 2010

cat photo

I really dont know why i am posting this photo, really. My daughter left the dryer door open tonight and the cat made it his bed. This isnt the first time. I didn't notice him in there not too long ago, mabey we were drying darks, and i shut the door before heading to bed. Luckily we always do a cat count before going to sleep so we dont have to get up in the middle of the night to the sound of cat nails against the back of a door. Luckily the dryer was not turned on and he was found shortly after.
I upgraded my camera firmware tonight (nikon d700) and if you have one you should do the same. Improved auto white balance was my main reason. It is already very good on that camera which is why i leave it on that setting but if they say they have improved it than great. I still find that the weakest correction is when shooting under tungsten light. It is still the only time i switch the camera to the tungsten setting.
This photo was shot at iso 3200 f2.8 and 1/20 sec. I used a 24mm lens as i wanted to get in close and show the inside of the dryer. Did you notice the sock that was stuck in the upper right corner. I used that as a fill reflector on the right side (ha). Ok, one light, off the sock, and so on and so on. You would get this joke if you saw the joe mcnally/scott kelby "light ya for it" video.
Thats it for tonight as i have to drive to a 6am hockey practice tomorrow. Off to read and hopefully sleep well.
One cat, two cats, ok, good night.

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