Wednesday, January 27, 2010

boston hdr

I took a sec today to clean up my hard drive a bit and found some images of boston (photoshop world trip) that i have never really taken time to play with. I did a couple corrections to images that i liked but have never been happy with. I did a quick hdr of three images inside a boston uno restaurant. Actually i processed the tonemapped image twice to get this effect. How you do this is hit the process button the first time and when your image pops up all processed, before saving, hit apple (alt) - T, this will reopen the tonemapping window and you can play some more. When your happy just hit process again and then save your image. If you save after the first process and then try to hit apple - T it will not work.
I find i have to do a curve after i open the image in photoshop and sharpen a bit but thats pretty well it.

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