Tuesday, April 21, 2009

more biking

I haven't had a chance lately to get out and do some shooting (really in the mood to do some more hdr) so i have been grabbing the camera when someone goes by my front door.
This of course was a beautiful evening at sunset, how could i go wrong. I started by holding the camera down at ground level and trying to track the bikers as they drove by me. I may have got this image from that recipe but not many more as focus was a bit off on some and composition was all over the map. It is more likely that this image came from me laying on the ground so i could see what i was doing. I put my focus on continuous and moved the focus area in the camera over to the top left, where her face would be.
The surprise element in this image was a human gobo. Her dad was standing on the sidewalk and his shadow hit all but her face which to me ended up making the shot better than the ones where she was fully lit.
Hopefully my next post will be a cool hdr image. That means i would get an hour or so to do some shooting.
Oh, one more thing. Notice the difference camera angle makes in this shot compared to my last post. The low angle really changes the feel of the image and the dramatic effect.

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