Tuesday, April 14, 2009

learning lightroom

I have been trying to learn lightroom and so far so good. I have a good book and have been just clicking buttons also. I found the presets tonight and thought i would try the creative aged photo on for size.
I shot these images with a 50mm 1.4 lens and set my camera to continuous focus. I ran beside the girls as they biked up the street and shot along the way. I did everything to the photos in lightroom and just combined them in photoshop. I just flipped the right side image horizontal and moved it into place.
I upgraded my photomatix today also and installed the lightroom plug in that comes with it (thanks gord). You no longer have to open the images and save them as a tiff. Just select the images you want to use, raw, and still inside of lightroom just export to photomatix. I love it when things get easier.
So is learning lightroom like learning how to ride a bike???? I think everything is.
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