Friday, April 24, 2009

the bug in hdr

I was in the mood to shoot tonight, plain and simple. So what to shoot. Could get out the sb flashes, set up on the lawn with the nice setting sun behind a model, sounds good to me. I have the flashes, sun is in the right spot, just need the model. This is where it gets tricky. My wife has never been interested in posing, even though she is crazy hot, and i think i wore the kids out by the age of 5. Ok, no model tonight.
Hey the house looks good and the bug that we have had for the past two hours dosen't seem to be complaining. Recipe for a shoot i figure.
I put the camera on a tripod, as my longest exposure was 3 seconds (i can hold em slow, but not that slow) and bracketed over a 9 stop range. I imported the images into lightroom and then exported the 5 i choose to photomatix.
Photomatix looked pretty good but the sky wasn't working for me. I saved the photomatix version and opened it in photoshop along with one of the darker exposures where the sky looked good. I dragged the photomatix version on top of the original, while holding down the shift key, and then added a layer mask. I painted on the mask in black at about 30% opacity. I took the sky pretty well to 100% as i went over it multiple times at the 30%. I also painted in the foreground to darken that up. I painted around the light spot in the driveway to create a nice little patch of highlight behind the car. I retouched a couple flaws, sharpened and cropped a bit.
Now the question is who will be my model tomorrow night? I actually know already as i have a shoot booked, with about 200 or more people at 2am. Stay tuned.

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