Thursday, April 23, 2009

lightroom to photomatix

I realize that there are many problems with this image but thats ok for tonight.
It was very cold and rainy and my tripod was in the car which was almost 30 feet away. The distance seemed like miles at the time and i knew that i would have to just shoot and ask questions later. I held my breath and waited 10sec for the steam to clear in front of me. The image was appearing, it was almost ready. I slowly closed one eye and held the camera ever so steady.
Ok, i will stop now.
I had mentioned I have been wanting to do some more hdr shots and i just happened to have my camera in the car with me tonight while my daughter was at soccer. I downloaded the images in lightroom and then chose the 5 i wanted to run through photomatix. I selected these 5 and then went to file - plug in extras - export to photomatix.
They all went in and my hdr image was generated. Very slick. I then used tonemapping and saved the file as a 16bit tiff. One thing i did not do was to hit reduce ghosting when i generated, mistake.
I opened the tonemapped tiff in photoshop and did just a little retouching, a curve for contrast, sharpened, and did a saturation boost. I cropped a bit of the top and bottom off and was done.
Now i want to do some more.

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