Sunday, November 25, 2007

photomatix again

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I got a chance this weekend to get out and do some personal shooting in a small town not far from me.
It was great to just walk around and shoot whatever appealed to me. I also took the opportunity to do some shots to play with later in photomatix.
The image above was created in photomatix using three bracketed exposures. I have already previously done a post in this blog on how to use photomatix by the way so just scroll through to find more about it.
The settings i used here were strength 100%, color saturation 0, light smoothing - high, and then i played with the white point and black point until i got the look i wanted. I did nothing else to the above image other than smart sharpen 40%.
The bottom image is the normally exposed scene desaturated in photoshop for a comparison.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Gordon said...

Love the details in the window. It's also nice to see a black and white HDR, I have seen lots of colour (sometimes very colourful) HDR images but this image shows the technique works very well with B&W also.