Saturday, February 20, 2010

pano using autostitch

Two posts in a day, could be a record for me, at least lately.
I am still trying to get some work done and of course still playing around. This is a shot i took the other night while shooting a conference. I had already shot the stage close up and thought a nice pano would be in order. My 24mm would not cut it for the size of this room so i shot two rows of vertical images. I ended up with 25 photos in total in which to make my pano. I imported them from lightroom into photomerge in photoshop and this was not the result. It did not look good, not one bit.
I used autostitch instead. You can find it at but you mac users are out of luck as it is only for windows. I knocked the images down in size a bit as my computer is far from new by creating an action in photoshop and batch processing the 25 photos and saving as jpegs. I dumped them into autostitch and it gave me almost this. I say almost because i did have to clone in three heads that were very blurry. Other than that it looked really good.
If you try this program remember to go into the options tab and change the output size from the default of 25% to 100%. I also changed the jpeg quality to 100%. Then hit go and watch the olympics until it is ready.

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