Monday, February 08, 2010

action shot

I shot a volleyball game saturday night and thought this was the best shot i took over a three game span. When this team would get a point all the girls would celebrate. As i observed the game however, I noticed that this girls celebration was incredible. I focused the camera on her and just stayed with her until i got this shot.
This to me says sports much more that a shot of her bumping or setting the ball. When i used to shoot sports for a local daily, i pretty well had to have a ball or a puck in the shot for it to be considered for publication. I am very glad that i dont have to worry about that anymore, or get players names that were in the photo.
I guess this post breaks the water drop theme. Whatever will be posted next hasn't been shot yet so it could be just about anything.
This image was shot at iso 3200 with a 80 - 200 lens. Fstop was f2.8 and shutter speed was around 1/250 sec. It was a dark gym and my main concern was freezing action thus i set my shutter speed first and then my two remaining settings.

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