Tuesday, February 02, 2010

halifax hdr

I made a whirlwind trip to halifax nova scotia and stayed one whole night. I had an early morning appointment and managed to wake up before the sun came up. I of course had to do an hdr shot as it might be another 5 years before i get up before the sun again. The sky was a great color of blue and luckily i had some buildings with tungsten lights on in front of me to really show some color contrast. I had shot some images late that first night and some more after the sun broke the horizon and neither compared even remotely to this one.
I had some other things i wanted to play with in this photo but i have a few real jobs to get out the door which will probably take up any spare time i have for the rest of the week. So this is my spare time, 1 in the morning, winding down from hockey, which was hard to go to tonight as my cars outside temperature was reading -24C.

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