Sunday, May 17, 2009

gelled flash

I broke down and bought a new fancy pants flash last week and i got five minutes to play with it tonight. It came with a gel filter pack and an attachment that holds it on the flash and everything. In case you didn't know, it dosen't take much to impress me.
I put a full cto gell (orange) on the flash and set the cameras white balance to tungsten. What this does is make your flash lit subjects a daylight balance for color but throws your background, ambient light, blue.
I set the flash on a stand and zoomed the head in a bit and aimed it at the girls faces. I put it on ttl and used the pop up flash on my camera to trigger it. I set the on camera flash to not register and could use the cameras flash menu to adjust the power of the off camera flash. It was friggy to say the least but it worked. I ended up with the flash compensation set to -1. I just set the shutter speed for the brightness of the background, you could flavor to your own personal taste.
The girls did some funky poses and since some black flies wanted in on the action, the girls ditched me before i had the light tweeked just right.
My light was wacking the girl on the left in the face and falling off on the girl on the right, there by under exposing her by probably a stop.
I downloaded and converted to dng in lightroom and did all the corrections in the develop module. I cranked up the saturation a bit and put the clarity around 25 or 30. Once i had it looking alright i hit control - E , which opened the image in photoshop. Here i duplicated my layer and did a curve on the copy to darken down the left girls face. I added a layer mask and filled it with black to hide my darker adjustment. I then painted in white on her face, allowing the dark layer to show through, at about a 40% opacity on the brush and just built it up. I sharpened about 35% and was done.
I started to retouch the image a bit but had to go out and then ran out of time.
I will experiment with this approach again as i like the look.

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