Saturday, May 02, 2009

couplea things

We stayed at a not too far away hotel last night and our room had this nice high vantage point of the pool area. I had the camera on a tripod and bracketed 9 frames. I like doing 9 because i choose the first, last, and every second fram inbetween, giving me 5 images to export to photomatix.
I may have forgot to mention in previous posts on this subject that by default lightroom will export your images as 16 bit adobe rgb98 files. So when you save your tonemapped file as a nice big tiff and then open it in photoshop it will be 16 bit, rgb98.
Now if you want to save the image as a jpeg and pop it up on the web or send it to your local one hour lab for a nice big wall print then there are a coupla things you may want to do.
1) convert to 8 bit ..... image - mode - 8bit
2) convert to srgb ..... edit - convert to profile - (in the destination space choose srgb)
You are then free to save as a jpeg, use all your photoshop menu items that were greyed out in 16bit, and have good color reproduction from your lab and the net.

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