Thursday, May 14, 2009

a few shoots

Anyone who follows this blog must have thought i gave it up or something. Not the case. I hit a very busy stretch once more and then the flu moved into my chest. I havent really had the computer on in awhile and am now a touch behind in getting a few photos out.
I had the chance tonight to look at some and thought i would just post a smattering of things i have shot lately.
I will give a brief overview of the images starting with the top left. This was for a brochure on downtown shopping, the shot on the lower right was part of this also. I had to take about 20 shots or so before i had the light looking right. I finally settled on one sb flash bounced into an umbrella and hitting the foreground subjects. I think i turned it a bit away from them also so the light was feathered a bit. This was placed to camera right. I put a flash on the background people and bounced it off the ceiling. It was placed to camera left and zoomed in a bit as not to spill on foreground.
On the bottom right image i had a flash bouncing off the ceiling to camera left for the people and one bounced of the ceiling for the background also to camera left.
The bottom left image was an hdr shot and i used 5 images run through photomatix.
The top right photo was just available light shot from a low angle with a 24mm lens.

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