Monday, March 16, 2009

volleyball action

I shot something like 10 volleyball games a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to post some of the photos i took. My job, volunteer, was to take 20 - 40 shots a game and then download to a laptop for the organizing committee of the national womens university volleyball championships. They would then send these images off after the games to accompany the results, to who i am not sure. They were not for press, i know that much.
When you shoot that many games in the span of three days you start to look for different angles. I tried to not make any two games photos look the same. I stuck to my long lens (80-200 f2.8) but moved around alot. I have always liked shots from the game that are away from the action and since i wasn't being paid and was taking upwards of 40 photos, i could take some of these type of shots to go with the action photos.
I chose this one to start with, not because it is the cats meow of action photos but because it contained 9 out of the 12 players on the floor at that time in a relatively small area of the court.
I had a great time, got to play, and got some photos i really liked. This was also the first time that i have ever shot jpegs with my camera. I was nervous really, just like shooting film again. I even set my shutter speeds in the menu to 1/3 stops to fine tune the exposure.
I will post a shot or two a day for the rest of this week from that set of photos.
I will be shooting in boston for a week soon and will be posting photos from there, so many photos to come in a short period of time.

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