Thursday, March 26, 2009

boston day 4

I have walked by this bank of windows for the past three days and finally captured them in a neat way today. I tried some shots from regular height of my eye and then tried placing the camera on the floor and shooting on an up angle. I shoot with the camera away from my eye alot. I like the angles i can get plus the surprise of seeing an image that i really did not see.
I processed this one in lightroom because i finally learned today that i should be using it more. Now i know that my buddy gord is rolling over laughing saying "i told you so". I am slow to change old habits but i saw a couple classes on it today and feel that i should now use it more.
The image is untouched other than camera raw adjustments for blacks and exposure. These were also minimal. I did use a bit of recovery to keep the sky a shade of blue that looked good. I also sharpened the file by about 50 percent.

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Gordon said...

I told you so ;) lol