Thursday, March 05, 2009

portrait lighting

Sometimes i notice that you can get pretty safe with portrait lighting. Lots of fill, not too dark shadows, nice soft light, etc, etc. I would certainly be guilty of this as it is way easier to stay safe and make sure that your subject looks ok. I do have my fun at times no question and this was one of those.
I woulden't say that this is an exceptional shot but i was happy with the light and balance of it.
I used a reflective umbrella to camera right and put up a rectangular piece of cardboard to gobo the light from his shirt, which was getting blown out. I used another reflective umbrella placed in behind the subject and to the left a bit. I just put them pointing at each other really and both at 45 degrees to the subject or close to that anyway.
Thats about it for lighting, but you should feel free to play with those angles and try some different things.
The problems that showed up can be seen below in the raw image. There was a light reflection in the glasses and his ear ended up being really red and bright as the back light was shining through it.
I fixed the glasses by choosing the next frame i shot that did not have the reflection in it. I made a selection of that area and blended it in but rotating it a bit and using transform a bit. I dodged the ear with the dodge tool set to midtones and the tolerance set to about 15%. I did some other retouching and sharpened a bit and had it done.
I have been shooting a ton of images lately and will be putting up many posts in the near future.

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