Sunday, March 15, 2009

martini time

It was martini time last night and the girls had to do the taste testing, before any liquor was added of course.
I tend to use alot of off camera flash but one thing i always do is evaluate the ambient light first. This only takes a second and in this case no extra flash was needed. I put the iso up to 800 and had a fairly shallow depth of field using a 24mm lens. There was stuff in my way on the counter so i put the focus on face detection and just held the camera down at counter level and shot blind. A few of the images were out of focus but of course i took enough and managed to get a couple good ones.
Once in photoshop i put the clarity on 100% and opened the image. I then duplicated the background layer and desaturated this new layer. I applied a curve to that black and white top layer to make it look the right contrast and then added a layer mask to it.
I painted in black at 100% on the layer mask so the color of the drinks would show through from the color layer below.
I sharpened and thats it.

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