Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a stroll downtown

I have always said that i want to take a vacation in my own town. I rarely get a chance to walk around and take some photos and i really, really enjoy it when it happens. Today unfortunately was not one of those days but i was downtown and did take a photo. I had some business to do at lunch and this building was right beside where i parked my car. I have never noticed it before and thought it was just kind of out of place and weird. I shot some bracketed frames and ran three of the exposures through photomatix. I then upped the contrast quite a bit and the saturation a bit too.
I now want to do some more walking around and shoot a bunch more photos. I have to shoot my neices grad photos and think i will just drag her around with me and shoot some funky, overly dramatic photos. I plan to use one light and overpower the ambient. My plans by the way are not usually written in stone.

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