Thursday, November 12, 2009

night shot

I have been wanting to do this shot for some time now but just needed both the time and the subjects.
We went to a downtown street and i set up two sb flashes on the sidewalk. The main light was to camera right and bounced into an umbrella. The rim or back light was a flash zoomed in a bit and shot direct. I used a 80 - 200 lens at f2.8 and zoomed pretty well to 200. I used 2.8 so the lights in the background would be round and i would not see the hexagon shape of the lens aperature. I cant remember the iso and shutter speed but i will post that here soon. I think the iso was up pretty high and the shutter speed was slow.
My models were perfect for this shot as they tried to stay warm on a night that was quite cold. I photographed them for an hour and a half in 4 locations before their ceremony which started at 7pm.

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Cory said...

Very cool effect. The Bokeh is great- round and soft as you wanted!! Nice strobe work.