Tuesday, July 28, 2009

whats in a main light 2

I just wanted to talk a bit more about the main light. I wont talk that much actually, i did enough of that in the last post, but more importantly show an example.
The photo above was taken in a different area of the library in which i shot the image i posted yesterday but in the same type of setting. I had the model in between two rows of books. I placed a flash behind her again like before but placed it in pretty close to the row of books that she is looking at so the shadows would be good and dramatic. This light provided a hair, seperation, light and took care of the books also.
For the main light i wanted a bit softer light and did not want it to spill on the books too much while still being fairly dramatic. By dramatic i mean light a portion of the face and leave some in good shadow. I laid the flash on one of the shelves above where my model is and angled it straight up at the under side of the shelf above it. Luckily these shelves were a light tan color, almost white, which gave a perfect bounce surface. This softened and broadened the light and spilled it back down at her face below. Too easy, and i mean that as it worked really well on the first test. I then just placed her tight to the books and angled her face up a bit to catch the light right. She was perfect for the shot which made my job really easy.
If i were to try this shot again i might play with a CTO warming gel. Probably on the background light. I would be curious to see how that would look.
One of the things i really like about this shot is the hair light. The color of her hair was an added bonus.
Tomorrow we get into "to fill or not to fill".
Yes i know, i'm weird.

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