Wednesday, July 29, 2009

to fill or not to fill 1

This shot will be an example for two discussions.
The first is showing another example for a main light.
When i peaked my head into this computer lab i noticed that there was only one window in the room and there was some pretty cool light coming in from it. Now some of you that follow this blog are most certainly "strobists". I did this post to let you know that it is ok to use ambient for a main light. Believe it or not ambient is not a dirty word (ha).
I chose a shallow depth of field, actually i had to as there was not much light coming in and my shutter speed was getting pretty slow. I was using a d2x nikon at an iso of 560 and the grain is pretty obvious. I could not have gone much higher with the iso. The window was the only light used in the shot.
The second example that this image will show is to try another option. I thought about how the shot would look with a flash added for fill and threw one in to try it out.
I will post that image tomorrow night.

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