Tuesday, July 21, 2009

just a little something

It has been forever since my last post.
Vacation has me way too relaxed and my fun photo stuff has screached to a halt. I have been taking a ton of photos but they are all work and no play.
As a matter of interest to me, i just checked the file info on the last photo i have taken with my new camera (bought 10 months ago) and i have taken 27,000 photos with it. I was surprised actually, i thought the number would have been higher. At this rate i will need a new one in another 4 years. Dont tell my wife.
Ok, enough babble.
This was an image i liked of my son that i took last week.
I tried using black and white conversion and played with the color sliders but was never happy with the results. I ended up duplicating the background layer and desaturating this new copy. I then lowered the opacity on it to get some of the color to show through from the background. I did a curve on this layer to boost the contrast a bit and then flattened.
I added a vignette and also darkened the edges and his uniform using the burn tool set to midtones and a strength of 7%.
I ended by dodging his eye a bit using the dodge tool set to highlights.

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