Wednesday, March 08, 2006

saving actions

My buddy, guru gord, has come through for me once again.
I wanted to create an action to send to him but i could
not figure out how to save it as the save action command was
greyed out.
Heres how to save an action:
- go to window menu - actions.
- click on the small triangle in the top right corner of the palette.
- go to "new set".
- name it what you want and hit ok.
- go to triangle again and down to "new action".
- name it what you want, give it a function key if you want, and hit ok.
- create your action and when done hit the stop button at bottom left of
actions palette.
- click on the action set you just created in the actions palette (not the action) to highlight it.
- go back to the triangle and down to "save actions".
- a save as box will come up and you can put it in a folder somewhere on your computer.
This will result in a .atn file that you can send to friends or save for future use.
For them to load this action here is the roadmap:
- mac: just double click on the .atn file and it will go into your actions palette.
- win: go to the triangle again and down to load actions. Navigate to the .atn file and click on load.
(if you want to know where your .atn files can be found to to my computer, adobe, photoshop cs2, presets, photoshop actions).

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