Wednesday, February 15, 2006

pausing an action

Peter Bauer from the NAPP help desk gave me the info for this tip today and i thought i would pass it on.
I was creating an action and assigning a function key so i could just hit the key and bam, work done.
I wanted to create a curve adjustment layer but I could not find a way to make the curves dialogue box stay open.
The action would work fine but i had to double click on the curve layer in the layers pallet to start adjusting the curve.
Heres how to make this work:
- open an image and then open your actions pallet (window - actions)
- click on the little arrow on the top right corner of this pallet
- scroll down to new action
- you can now name your action and assign it a function key, then hit record
- go to layer menu (at top of workspace) and scroll down to new adjustment layer - curves
- when the first box comes up hit ok and your curves dialogue box will open
- click ok (if you just want a unadjusted curve layer)
- now go back to the actions pallet and click stop (found at the bottom left corner of the pallet)
- If you hit the play button now (two over from where you hit stop) a curve layer will be added but will not be opened
- in the actions pallet click the "toggle dialogue on/off" box (found to the right of the check mark) next to the curve addjustment state that you created.
- this will cause the curve box to remain open when you apply the action.
- do your adjustment and hit ok.

actions are great time savers. I currently have one for rotate canvas cw, rotate ccw, smart sharpen 30%, 40%, 50%. 60%, convert to srgb, and create a 1 pixel border around my image (for passports).

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