Saturday, March 13, 2010

a bit of everything

I got almost an hour today to walk around and shoot in an area that i have never been before.
I took a walk under a local bridge and played with some different techniques, hdr included. I grabbed a 24mm lens and a tripod, for the hdr shots anyway, and ended up taking about 75 shots before i was done.
The comp you see above was just 4 of the shots i liked best from the day. I am not sure that they fit together in a comp like this but thats ok.
I will post the shots individually over the next few days and talk about what i did in each.
As a bit of a summary there is hdr, two images blended together, lightroom presets, three images stripped together, etc.
Plus some retouching as after downloading i noticed a pile of crap on my camera sensor.

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