Thursday, February 12, 2009

pinball clemons

I had the opportunity to photograph and listen to pinball clemons recently.
He was an excellent speaker and i really enjoyed it. As a photographic subject he was also excellent. Very dynamic, outgoing, and lots of gestures. The only trouble i had was that he really roamed around the room, the whole room. While he was onstage he was under the tungsten spotlights but when he was in the crowd he was in darkness. I had no room to set up lights so i just used an on camera flash and bounced it off the ceiling. One tip, if i may, is to never shoot on camera direct flash unless you have absolutely no other options.
He moved so much that i basically just had to keep focusing on him and be prepared for when he made a gesture that i wanted to capture. I also had to predict the flash output as i had it set on manual. I was shooting full power when he was far away and then down to 1/4 when he was close.
On a personal note i would say that i am not really a big fan of celebrities. I have met a bunch and watched them closely while photographing. They just seem kind of fake. This guy was different. He was the most genuine, and personable person i have photographed (in the celebrity world ). He was late for his plane but still took the time to be photographed with anyone who asked him.

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