Monday, February 23, 2009

100% clarity

We had 45cm of snow today so really the only things to do were shovel and shoot some photos. As you can see, our neighbors daughter did the shoveling so i did the shooting. I didnt do that much to the photo, nothing really other than camera raw plug in. What i have been doing lately to give the photos some punch and a bit of a different look it to crank the clarity in the plug in to 100%. I then smart sharpened at 30% and that was it.
Another cool idea if you want more clarity and have already hit the image with the adjustment brush like i talked about in some previous posts, it to save the file (after the clarity has been added) as a tiff or jpg and then close it. Go to bridge and find the file you just saved and then go under the file menu and down to "open in camera raw". Now your clarity is back at zero and you can add a bunch more if you like.

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