Friday, March 04, 2016

photo effects

 photo 201602_plant_design_1239bsm_zpsklpdocff.jpg I downloaded a new effects plugin today and had some fun with it. it is made by on1 and is called effects 10. I found some great presets and filters in it and the nice part is it attaches itself to photoshop and lightroom. The second part of my post refers to my conversation with the model you see in this image. I told him he should give up his career choice of an engineer and start modelling. I can honestly say that was the first time i had ever said that to anyone. More often some may say don't give up your day job , but not in this case. Just a natural i guess. The third part of this post is that you will notice that i have used lighting that i would tell people to never ever use. The dreaded copy lighting, on a person you say, no way. The eyes give it all away. In my defence, i was shooting groups of people and was trying to get some light on all faces. We also did individual shots but they were less important to the client. I did try to balance the light so the main was on the right side and fill on left, with the fill being less powerful. I also had two lights on the background to make it white. The fourth part is that there is no more to tell.

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