Tuesday, March 03, 2015

light test x 2

 photo portrait_zpsiglixxst.jpg I have a portrait to shoot tomorrow that i have been overthinking so i thought i would do a couple test shots. I was playing with some ideas that unfortunately did not turn out like i imagined so ended up with these. The background in both shots is the same white seamless paper backdrop. The image on the right has a light on the background and the one on the left just has a bit of spill from the main light. My models were great and overall i thought the shots were good but had another brainstorm last night and will be testing more today. The lighting info for those that would like to know is just one large softbox with a big piece of black styrofoam in front of it to narrow it down a bit and the photo on the right has an added nikon sb flash pointed at the background.

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