Monday, November 10, 2014


 photo 201406_france2_5826_zpsdc26d12a.jpg  photo 201406_france2_4364_zpsbbb0c271.jpg  photo 201406_france2_3853_zpsa7477362.jpg  photo 201406_france2_2917_zps830e8349.jpg  photo 201406_france_1465_zps08be53b3.jpg  photo 201406_france_1451_zpsf06a6ef3.jpg  photo 201406_france_1360_zps5886c7e6.jpg  photo 201406_france_1328_zps389259df.jpg  photo 201406_france_1230_zps698ddce8.jpg  photo 201406_france_1181_zpsace2368e.jpg  photo 201406_france_0696_zps8be077b5.jpg  photo 201406_france_0336_zpse01ab061.jpg  photo 201406_france_9878_zps01d4c616.jpg  photo 201406_france_9785_zps7bb5f58c.jpg  photo 201406_france_6641_zpsa7d10a49.jpg  photo 201406_france_5452_zps7672d9c9.jpg  photo 201405_france_4509_zpsb5a848f3.jpg  photo 201406_france_8518_zpsbe74c4a6.jpg These images are from a great trip to france for the dday anniversary this year. I took over 14,000 photos on the trip but none affected my emotions more than the last photo above. It was just a ceremony that happened that we did not know about or plan to attend. The image of this man holding the flag just got me and it was one of only two times over the 15 days that i had tears.

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