Saturday, February 16, 2013

snow day

 photo ROB_2519_zps0c77ed03.jpg I shot an event today that there were not many people at. This meant that for images i had to make something out of nothing, or not much. This girl was ready to head down the hill when i yelled to her mom "just a sec". It ended up being about 5 minutes because the video guy was lugging much heavier gear and wanted to go further down the hill than me. So while she sat there and started to get bored i asked her to try and catch some snow in her mouth. I put the falling snow on the darkest background there was around so i would show up and then i took a bunch of shots. She was great and the photos and video both prove it. I was a little worried because my camera was very wet but it dried off well and still seems to be working fine. I am still learning the tricks to the d800 but the one thing that i find seems to be giving me the sharpest images is a fast shutter speed. When i shoot at 1/15 or 1/30 sec, i am not happy with the results. When im above 1/500 then all is well.

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