Sunday, February 05, 2012

recent shoot

I did a shoot recently and happened the scene above by fluke.
I did a bunch of different setup shots that the client wanted and i mainly used two sb flashes bounced into large umbrellas for light. I had finished out back and moved to the counter shots but needed something to stand on. I went back out back to get a milk crate and this guy was cutting a muffler off. I just so happened to have my camera around my neck so i started shooting. The only light was from the torch and burning metal, with ambient bringing up the rear. I cant remember what lens i had on the camera, a 50 or a 35mm. All i know is that i wanted to get closer but was worried about getting burnt. Large groups of sparks were hitting the ground and spreading fast. I got as close as i dared and shot alot of frames.
I would certainly call myself a flash kind of guy as in pretty well every situation i am always thinking "flash would make this look great". Once in awhile i do get a surprise from the ambient.

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Tanya Canam said...

A flash behind him would have looked great though.