Tuesday, May 13, 2008

face shoot

I was just bored tonight so asked my daughter if she would stand in front of my light for a sec. I was surprised when she said yes and actually managed to take about 10 frames before american idol came back on and she left me.
The main reason for me wanting to shoot was to play with a shoot through umbrella a bit more. I have been using shoot throughs for about a month now and am now officially converted. I have always hated soft boxes as i just find the light too soft, old fashioned, and to me boring. I am finding that a shoot through gives me a compromise between a reflective umbrella and a soft box and when you can get it in really close to your subject you get a nice wrap around type of light.
For the background i stuck a nikon sb flash on a stand and zoomed the head in all the way (85mm) and pointed it straight at the wall behind her, she was out about 10 feet from the wall.
Once i got the images into bridge i really liked the three images placed together. I had not planned this but thought it may work later. I was glad that i kept in the same spot for all three and just her look changed. Just never know what your going to get i guess.

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