Monday, January 15, 2007

background blur and darken

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In this photo i wanted the subject to stand out a bit more than she was from the background. The books on the left of her were nicely out of focus thanks to a shallow depth of field but the books to the right were in focus and sharp.
First i duplicated the background layer twice and turned off the visibility of the top layer. I highlighted the middle layer and went to filter - blur - lens blur.
I used an amount that made it look close to the books on the left. I then turned on the visibility of the top layer and highlighted it. I made a layer mask and painted over the books i wanted more blured with the paintbrush and black as my color. I would suggest using an amount of between 20 - 50% on the paintbrush and building it up until you get it to look right. This allows the middle layer, which is blurred, to show through where i want it to. I then flattened the file and used my burn tool, set to midtones, with a good sized soft brush and painted around the exterior of the image to create a vignette.

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