Friday, January 06, 2006

Class is in

I made this blog about a year or two ago and have yet to add something to it.
I start teaching my new class in three days. All second year photo students and all probably between a beginner to intermediate level in photoshop. The school is excellent, very creative, and the class is generally pretty keen to learn. I am looking forward to monday and am also feeling that this will be my last year of teaching.
Yes, i am going to retire at the end of this class. I would consider doing some consulting with the third years but thats about it. Im getting old you see and have to start winding down.
Anyway, enough babble to get this thing started. I am going to start this blog as a photoshop resource thing. I will be posting links to cool things and jotting down some notes on how to do other things.
Stay tuned and check back anytime.
On with the show.

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Oles said...

I am brand new to photoshop and already I am loving it. I am trying to learn as much as I posibaly can and will defently check back here often.