Friday, August 30, 2013

New York 2

 photo ROB_3519_zps0eb06d53.jpg Since i shot over 3000 photos in new york guess what i will be posting here for about the next year. Im kidding of course, mabey. I actually plan to do a couple big posts of my favourites but just need some time to sit and play with them. I shot with a nikon d800 camera and so far am very happy with the results. When you look at this image zoomed to 100% it really shines. It has taken me much longer to love the d800 than it did with the d700. That camera was great out of the box but the 800 really not so much. I am getting to know its personality more every day however and we have become friends.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New York City

 photo ROB_5310_zps5a9bc0b6.jpg The last 5 nights were our families first trip to New York City and we loved it. We did alot and are all very tired so this is just my teaser post as i am heading to bed. I did manage to shoot around 3500 photos however so i will be posting a few here very soon and giving details of the things we liked best including food and sights.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Spa Club

 photo ROB_2872-3finalcropsm_zpsf7fc4d9c.jpg Over the years i have done many shots for the spa club in fredericton so i can say from experience that they are awesome. Go there and spend some money and you will leave beautiful and happy. For the group photo the lobby was by far the best location. We moved furniture around and quickly placed people as the phone rang, and then rang again. I set up two portable flashes with medium sized umbrellas and shot at f5.6. I tell you this because i should have shot at f8 or f11. I am still getting used to the nikon d800 as i find the depth of field somewhat shallow in comparison to the other nikon cameras. All those megapixels must have something to do with that. I also used a very slow shutter speed to bring up the ambient light and provide more warmth to the background. Because of this i used a tripod, which is very rare for me. I photoshopped it a bit, and then a bit more and placed a vignette on and was finished and also happy.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


 photo ROB_2807_zps728417ca.jpg I was very lucky to shoot a great wedding recently on grand lake, NB. I actually was lucky to shoot several great weddings this summer and have one left to go. After 99% of my work was done i wandered down by the lake with my tripod and camera and did a few shots at about a 1 minute exposure. I had shot about 1653 photos, give or take, and it was nice to wind down a bit. I am hoping that my posts become much more frequent now that vacation days have almost run out.