Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hockey clarity

 photo 201302_hockey_6353sm_zps22eeb981.jpg Thought i would enjoy a couple periods of hockey tonight and took a camera with me just in case i saw a shot or two. I didnt shoot many but got this one which i liked. To get the "look" i just increased the clarity to 100%.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

snow day

 photo ROB_2519_zps0c77ed03.jpg I shot an event today that there were not many people at. This meant that for images i had to make something out of nothing, or not much. This girl was ready to head down the hill when i yelled to her mom "just a sec". It ended up being about 5 minutes because the video guy was lugging much heavier gear and wanted to go further down the hill than me. So while she sat there and started to get bored i asked her to try and catch some snow in her mouth. I put the falling snow on the darkest background there was around so i would show up and then i took a bunch of shots. She was great and the photos and video both prove it. I was a little worried because my camera was very wet but it dried off well and still seems to be working fine. I am still learning the tricks to the d800 but the one thing that i find seems to be giving me the sharpest images is a fast shutter speed. When i shoot at 1/15 or 1/30 sec, i am not happy with the results. When im above 1/500 then all is well.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

cross country

 photo ski_zps348d5994.jpg I took a few photos at a cross country ski event today.

Saturday, February 09, 2013


 photo snowman_zps8628cb0c.jpg I took a couple photos of this man today doing an ice sculpture. He was shooting snow everywhere and was completely covered in snow. Unfortunately he wiped his glasses before i could ask him not to but it still made a cool shot. I have been using a nikon D800 camera since Christmas and i have mixed feelings about it honestly. I love the way it handles and all the functions that it does. The problem lies in image sharpness. When its sharp its really sharp but when its not its just off enough to upset me. I have read that since the resolution is so high it is a different way of shooting. I am still getting used to it and hopefully i will have it figured out very soon. Another thing to get used to is the affect of very shallow depth of field. I shot this image at f4 but it looks more like 1.8 to me. Oh yea, and another thing is the image size. I forgot my sd card at home so popped in a 4gb slow sandisk ultra 2 card. It chugged to say the least and i only got 99 photos on it before it was full. The sd cards i use are made by promaster and are 90 speed. I bought them from ivans camera in moncton and they were around $90 each. I highly recommend them. No chugging i swear. Since i got the camera this is the type of image that i have wanted to shoot with it. I wanted a close up of a face and wanted to see every pore of skin. I finally got my chance and am very happy with the result. Glad i lugged my camera out with me today.