Wednesday, February 22, 2012

light test

Just setting up lights for a shoot today and thought i would have some fun.
Funny part was that the door to the studio was open and a girl walked by and didn't know what i was up to.
In photoshop i cranked the clarity and then boosted the contrast. Sharpened alot also.
Added a grunge border i downloaded from the internet.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

available light at f1.4

Of course i mentioned in my last post that i was a flash photo kind of guy but this weekend i kept them in the bag and used available light for a couple shots of my son. He was putting on his shoes in the first one and i ran and grabbed my camera. Getting ready for bed in the second and was lit from the tv. I thought it looked pretty cool so once again i said "dont move" and ran for the camera again.
I have been playing with a new to me black and white software called nik silver efex pro 2. It is sweet. There are lots of presets and then you can take it way further and selectively alter various areas of the image. I haven't used it much so i still have alot to learn but so far so good.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

recent shoot

I did a shoot recently and happened the scene above by fluke.
I did a bunch of different setup shots that the client wanted and i mainly used two sb flashes bounced into large umbrellas for light. I had finished out back and moved to the counter shots but needed something to stand on. I went back out back to get a milk crate and this guy was cutting a muffler off. I just so happened to have my camera around my neck so i started shooting. The only light was from the torch and burning metal, with ambient bringing up the rear. I cant remember what lens i had on the camera, a 50 or a 35mm. All i know is that i wanted to get closer but was worried about getting burnt. Large groups of sparks were hitting the ground and spreading fast. I got as close as i dared and shot alot of frames.
I would certainly call myself a flash kind of guy as in pretty well every situation i am always thinking "flash would make this look great". Once in awhile i do get a surprise from the ambient.