Monday, February 28, 2011

bit of a break

I have not been shooting for the last two weeks as i had a little surgery repair on a small hernia.
It still hurts and i will be taking it easy for a few more weeks to recover. Today was my first day back to work and tonight i can certainly feel it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and stronger.
As part of my recovery my son made me some cupcakes. He used a recipe from the "kitchen boss" show on TLC for the cakes and butter cream icing and they were incredible. These were the only photos i took while i was off and of course had to be made.
I used a low depth of field (f2 i think) and available light from my kitchen. Pretty basic and simple but effective i think.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

seeing in black and white

A black and white photo walked into my office today, and it had to be shot.
I knew exactly what light i wanted to use, i knew how to get the pose (a little music and some dancing), and five minutes later i had the image and was downloading.
In photoshop i desaturated in lightroom, upped the contrast in photoshop with a curve, retouched the background, and created a vignette. The only other thing i did was use the burn tool set to shadows and went over the dark side of his face to darken it up some more.
Thats it. Five minutes shooting, five minutes processing, and image complete.
It wasn't till the drive home after work that i thought of something i would have rather done.