Wednesday, December 17, 2014

funto's visit

 photo 201412_funto_7881combo_zps554a629b.jpg My friend funto came for a visit today and it ended up turning into a photo shoot. Its funny how some of my favourite images come from very unexpected places.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

through a window

 photo trees_zps7719c9c6.jpg I was waiting for a video interview to finish today so i could do the stills for a very nice client. Since i had a camera in my hand i passed the time shootng. This was the view out one of the windows.

Monday, November 10, 2014


 photo 201406_france2_5826_zpsdc26d12a.jpg  photo 201406_france2_4364_zpsbbb0c271.jpg  photo 201406_france2_3853_zpsa7477362.jpg  photo 201406_france2_2917_zps830e8349.jpg  photo 201406_france_1465_zps08be53b3.jpg  photo 201406_france_1451_zpsf06a6ef3.jpg  photo 201406_france_1360_zps5886c7e6.jpg  photo 201406_france_1328_zps389259df.jpg  photo 201406_france_1230_zps698ddce8.jpg  photo 201406_france_1181_zpsace2368e.jpg  photo 201406_france_0696_zps8be077b5.jpg  photo 201406_france_0336_zpse01ab061.jpg  photo 201406_france_9878_zps01d4c616.jpg  photo 201406_france_9785_zps7bb5f58c.jpg  photo 201406_france_6641_zpsa7d10a49.jpg  photo 201406_france_5452_zps7672d9c9.jpg  photo 201405_france_4509_zpsb5a848f3.jpg  photo 201406_france_8518_zpsbe74c4a6.jpg These images are from a great trip to france for the dday anniversary this year. I took over 14,000 photos on the trip but none affected my emotions more than the last photo above. It was just a ceremony that happened that we did not know about or plan to attend. The image of this man holding the flag just got me and it was one of only two times over the 15 days that i had tears.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

NYC Photo Conference

I was very very lucky to attend the Photo Plus Expo in New York recently. I have been to a handful of other photo conferences in the past and i highly recommend them. Not only are you in a huge crowd of people that love the same thing you do but you also get to listen to some of the worlds best tell you about why they love what they do and how they do it. A walk with zack arias (!/index) was really cool but the highlight for sure was listening to dan winters ( for an hour. If you have an opportunity to take in a photo conference then go, don't hesitate, just go. Be prepared to be exhausted but also inspired. So some tips you say: Stay at a hotel close to the conference, go a day early and do a pre conference session, plan your lectures well and if one is not what you thought then leave and head to a different one, spend time on the show floor (lots of lectures there too plus all the equipment you want to get your hands on), if they have a party night go (you will get a chance to talk to other attendees and make friends), bring a sweater (the conference areas are always air conditioned and cool), stay an extra day if you can for shopping and street shooting. I have been to photo plus expo and photoshop world conferences and i would recommend both.  photo 201410_nyc_4295_zpsf0c7cd48.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_4315_zps912d3574.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_4373_zps3e740239.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_4416_zps3968ccec.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_4443_zps7bed69b4.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_4553_zps3e747058.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_4658_zps7a995435.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_4925_zpse9c5f054.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_4950_zps6f6349d2.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_4954_zps357c3392.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_4980_zps2106a5b5.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_4996_zps9709b389.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5010_zps834ba7bd.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5015_zpsd6e35770.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5028_zps89fd7595.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5041_zps87d057cc.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5054_zps63bd6d42.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5083_zps29879946.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5114_zps69fa7cc4.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5126_zpsfffff5d3.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5163_zpsaca99f41.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5175_zps791db07d.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5282_zpsecdae67b.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5295_zps6ee09fa1.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5333_zps4cc39101.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5383_zps23738d83.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5419_zps049a052b.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5443_zps067d4c5c.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5462_zpscb920a33.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5513_zps704ab4ee.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5521_zps3fa63173.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5588_zps576a2bdc.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5607_zps9eda3022.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5628_zpsfd47f064.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5662_zps5ababee8.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5675_zps6f5b78a1.jpg  photo 201410_nyc_5726_zpsde710ee2.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5743_zps1b3cc175.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5769_zpsb7b1f105.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5772_zpsa6fb8400.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5788_zps851d18e6.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5789_zps97749403.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5796_zps8ee50d3f.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5798_zpsb1803113.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5834_zpse531569e.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5841_zpsf25d5935.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5849_zps85f3ad69.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5850_zpse45ca6fa.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5911_zpsb5d89157.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5917_zpsc598451f.jpg  photo 201411_nyc_5925_zps9cac9d9a.jpg