Friday, December 22, 2006

Requests anyone ??????

With christmas coming i will be on vacation for almost two weeks.
I had almost 300 visits to this site in the past two months and thought i would take some requests to keep me busy. If you have any photoshop questions or specific troubles with some part of it just let me know and i will post some hopefully helpfully tips. Just send an e-mail to
merry christmas

Thursday, December 21, 2006

adjusting the clock

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I took a photo of this clock tonight but it was quite dull in contrast and just did not look all that great. I am not sure that it still looks that good but here is what i did in photoshop.
First i duplicated the background layer (ctrl - j). I then desaturated this new layer and changed its mode (in the layers pallet) to overlay. I lowered the opacity to 60% and lastly used smart sharpen at an amount of 80 and radius 1.
This made the contrast much better and boosted the colors up nicely.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

photoshop cs3

If you are checking out this blog then i am sure you already know that cs3 beta is available for download.
go to
and you will be able to use it, if you have cs2, for two days. You are supposed to be able to have it for thirty days but something is wrong with the serial number generator.
I dont agree with this two day demo crap as this is only a beta version, missing alot of elements, and it will be us that are first in line to buy the real one when it hits the shelves.
You can see some very good tutorials at
that will get you into the new features.