Tuesday, June 19, 2012

family photo

Photobucket I had a great family photo session tonight with a great family. I have only download one of two cf cards and have a post already. What does that say. I tried some different things tonight too which was fun for me. I left my lights in the bag (crazy i know) and set my lens at f1.4 and left it there. I feel so young and wild, or wilde (only one person will get this one). Ok, cant wait any longer, must see the other card.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Photobucket Overall this show was ok i guess. I am not a fan or anything, i was just practicing shooting under concert lights, thats all. I did not stay long and really only got a couple shots. This was just one of them that i thought was ok.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

old house hdr

Photobucket I have been working on a bit of a group assignment with some friends called "up close and personal". I was walking by this house recently and it just seemed to fit the bill. It looked like whoever was sitting on the front porch had just vanished. I loved the way the door was ajar. It just seemed to be a personal scene that i had stumbled upon. I had my camera and tripod and thought an hdr would further enhance the theme. I wanted to show every detail in every shadow and highlight, nothing hidden. I did a 9 image bracket and ran it through photomatix pro and topaz detail 2. I think honestly that i overdid it and may go back later and tone it down a bit, but for now its a sketch and is postable. Whoever was inside shut the door halfway through my shoot and then it felt impersonal and i left.