Thursday, December 12, 2013


I am finally getting to look at some of the shots i took in new york this summer. I have chosen a few to show here and will be adding more to this same post in the next couple days.  photo ROB_5800_zps30feb361.jpg  photo ROB_5831_zpsb0379f49.jpg  photo ROB_5918_zps68a54639.jpg  photo ROB_5975_zps0edd2420.jpg  photo ROB_6014_zps31070e9d.jpg  photo ROB_6062_zps5ff4f850.jpg  photo ROB_6140_zps64863b06.jpg  photo ROB_5786_zps5e916df1.jpg  photo ROB_5720_zps3e58de45.jpg  photo ROB_5708_zpse3e7a311.jpg  photo ROB_5657_zpsb966fbcb.jpg  photo ROB_5653_zps6d929533.jpg  photo ROB_5550_zps8c3fd3d2.jpg  photo ROB_5523_zpsa7c833b2.jpg  photo ROB_5500_zps67627b79.jpg  photo ROB_5461_zps7b24f885.jpg  photo ROB_5395_zps7db6eec7.jpg  photo ROB_5301_zps1dfadd30.jpg  photo ROB_5136_zps6f54c7e6.jpg  photo ROB_5048_zps02a5fe58.jpg  photo ROB_4934_zps5c2555ad.jpg  photo harlem_zpse1b13bd7.jpg  photo ROB_5480_zpsbdd00980.jpg  photo ROB_5390_zps9d827489.jpg