Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dominican 2013

 photo drwater_zpse23d9b1b.jpg We were very glad to have been able to spend a week in punta cana this month. It was the first trip that i took a real camera on as i needed some images for something im working on for this summer. It took me a few days to come up with an idea for the images but luckily i still had time to go with it. I did a bunch of 180 degree panos that made the beach look like an island. This image is actually not one of the ones i plan to use. This one was an hdr pano test. I did three panos all at different exposures and planned to strip them together and then run the images through photomatix. I was able to stitch two of the panos together but the lightest exposure did not work. I ran the two images through photomatix and this is what i got. There were a few troubled areas but really not too bad. I retouched the problems and did a curve for contrast and sharpened and that was it.

Friday, March 08, 2013


 photo boyce_zpsdd7fafbf.jpg I had a request this week for an photo of a hockey player named darryl boyce who played for UNB and then went to the Toronto Maple Leafs. This was not the image they wanted but i had shot a few shots of players before the game in the hallway getting ready which i never did anything with. A good idea at the time but then no time to follow through, just move on to the next shoot and repeat. I am glad i found this one however as it was not much to begin with but after 5 minutes or so i was happy with it. It was quite flat and the color was bad, and everything else in the shot was as bright as he was. I started by darkening a new layer and masking him out. A couple curves for highlights and shadows and a bit of sharpening and i was pretty much there. I took out a couple distracting bright objects around him and was done.