Saturday, August 22, 2009

a couple panos

I shot the above image last night under the soccer field lights. I knew it would be good lighting as the they line both sides of the field (cross lighting). I boosted the contrast in this image by the layers technique that i have discussed in previous posts.
The bottom photo was one i took a month or so ago.
What i like about cropping a photo for the web is that anything goes. I remember in photo school that i hated the 8x10 print size. One reason was that i printed about a million of them and the other was that it did not allow the full neg to be shown. I'm not so "pure" anymore and need to show the full image but i still hate the 8x10 crop. For the most part now i dont set anything in my crop parameters and just set the guides to what looks good. It could be 9.3 x 4 and that would be just fine. Cropping in lightroom is even better. I can fly through a shoot now and crop as i go. If i decide later that i have to change it thats fine, just go back and move the borders, the whole image is still there.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

a bit of retouching

I scanned this image today from a 4x5 negative on an epson perfection flatbed scanner. The scanner works great on negs and all looked pretty good, except for the missing parts of the negative. I didn't really have to retouch the image but saw it as a bit of a challenge and decided to just do the peoples faces. That led to the rest of the people and then to the background. I certainly would not say that the job is perfect but i had lots of other work to do and could not spend much time on it. I thought it turned out ok for a rushed job.
I used the healing tool and clone stamp tool only. Lots of sampling and patience help too.
Actually i forgot that i had to fix the little girls face that has the big white blob over the right side. I selected the left side, copied, pasted, flipped horizontally, and moved it into place to cover the blob. I just blended it in after that so it would look real.
Below is the fixed version.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

recent photos

Thought i would put up a couple photos i have taken recently. The one above is of david myles (
I had never heard of him before this and i really enjoyed his music.
The next is a shot of a little guy on a train. He was pretty patient and together we looked for moose, deer, and any other animals that we could think of.
And lastly we have a helicopter taking off. Everyone was pelted with dirt and small rocks off the pavement and had to look away.
These are just a random few shots that caught my eye.